Introduction to Google Analytics

This complete introduction to Google Analytics training course is an intensive course in how to use Google Analytics and understand the information it provides.

This training session will take the fear out of Google Analytics by mixing the theoretical knowledge with practical understanding required to turn data into decisions.

Even those who have used Google Analytics for a number of years might still have yet to make the most out of the functionality available such as dashboards or custom reports. There is also a number of misconceptions about metrics like pageviews, unique pageviews and sessions. These misconceptions and confusable metrics will be tackled head on with plenty of time for questions.


Introduction to Google Analytics: Training Outline


  • Introduction to Google Analytics
    • What is it?
    • Why have it?
    • How to log in
    • How does it work?
  • Key metrics and dimensions
    • Introducing the 4 types of reports:
      • Audience
      • Acquisition
      • Behaviour
      • Conversions
    • Common metrics and dimensions
      • What they are
      • What they mean
  • Using Google Analytics
    • How to find information
    • How to add advanced filters
    • Secondary dimensions
  • An introduction to dashboards
    • What is a dashboard?
    • How to make a dashboard
    • Ways to use dashboards


  • Making your data meaningful
    • Common mistakes to avoid
      • Easily confused metrics/dimensions
      • URLs – parameters, errors
      • Misreporting in Analytics – direct traffic
      • How to spot a tracking error
  • Manipulating data in Excel – tips and pitfalls
    • How to download data into Excel
    • Useful ways to analyse data in Excel
    • Common mistakes
  • An introduction to automated custom reports
    • What is a custom report?
    • Differences from dashboards and standard reports
    • How to set up automated reports
  • An introduction to Google Tag Manager and Analytics implementation
    • Different ways of implementing Google Analytics – pros & cons
    • How to troubleshoot reporting problems

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