Digital Copywriting

Writing online requires a completely different skillset from writing for brochures or newspapers. Online content moves, changes and appears in many different forms across the internet.

This full-day course in digital copywriting will give you the essential skills you need to write for the online world.


Digital Copywriting Training Outline



  • Writing for the web
    • How it differs from offline publications
    • Online behaviour
      • Making content fit for purpose
  • How users find content online
    • Search engines
      • Understanding search behaviour and user intent
      • How to find out what your audience is searching for (keyword research)
      • Basic optimisation techniques
    • Social media
      • How to find popular social content in your industry
      • Understanding social media behaviour
      • How to write for social
    • Email content
      • Understanding your audience and matching intentions
      • Email content best practice


  • Competitor analysis
    • Identifying online competitors
    • Learning from your competitors
    • Keeping up with your competitors
  • Mapping your content
    • Identifying your purpose
    • Taking users on a journey through your content
    • Linking to relevant information
  • Learning and improving
    • How to know if your content is working
    • How to find out how to improve

I always aim to tailor each course to your business and the participants experience and needs. I’d love to talk to you about your business and the support you need.

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