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Social media marketing is an amazing way to reach and engage your audiences, as well as provide essential customer service.

Your social media efforts should reflect your brand and have a business purpose. It is easy to pour efforts into social media without a clear plan or direction. All marketing activity needs a direction to avoid wasted time and money.


Identifying your opportunities

Not all social media platforms are for everyone. The first step is to identify your aims and audiences. Then we can look into the right platforms for you.


Achieving a balance

It’s essential to achieve the right balance in your social media accounts. Although all activity should lead to a business benefit and return, it is not the case that this needs to happen instantly.

Social media presents the unique opportunity to build a dedicated, engaged online audience that is easy and instant to reach. You must spend time and effort nurturing that audience.


Increasing engagement

Keeping your audience engaged is essential. Without an engaged audience, you cannot expect to ever get a business return. By increasing engagement, you can increase the number of people you reach over time.

With the right balance of engagement and interest pieces and promotional material, you can maximise the effect of your business-centred work.

Social Media Services

I offer a range of services to help you get the most out of your social activities:

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