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A successful SEO strategy is based on the ability for your website to be found, understood and trusted by search engines in addition to meeting your own business needs and the needs of your customers.

No areas of SEO can work in isolation. A comprehensive strategy will define your areas for improvement and the direction your website, its content and development work will be travelling.


Why do I need an SEO strategy?

Without a defined strategy, it is likely that you will be wasting time, resources and ultimately money on content and web development work you don’t need or want. With a strategy in place, you can be sure that the content you are creating is contributing to your visibility in search engines and your SEO efforts.


What is in an SEO strategy?

No two businesses are the same. Every SEO strategy is tailored specifically to you, your business and your current situation.

The strategy will consist of research and recommendations relating to the following areas:

  • Analysis of your current performance in search engines
  • Identification of your audiences
  • Research into the search phrases used by your prospective customers, their journeys and intentions
  • Identification of your competitors
  • Content themes, types and purposes
  • Authority and trust building
  • Technical needs and improvements

This strategy will give you the direction you need to focus your content research and creation efforts. It will also be the basis for any content planning or development work you might be undertaking.

A strategic, researched and considered approach is the best way to ensure focus and an effective content development plan.

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A successful SEO strategy consists of a multi-discipline approach. We offer a wide range of services, including:

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