Digital PR

If you want to improve the popularity and reach of your content while sending great signals to search engines about the authority and quality of your content, then I can help you.


Digital promotion strategy

All successful outreach campaigns will be underpinned by an audience and business focused strategy. I can help you develop this strategy and build it into an actionable promotion plan.

A clear promotional plan will focus your outreach on the right areas. This will improve your success rate, reach and ultimately conversion.


PR Research process

I have a thorough process for identifying new digital PR opportunities. My process for any link or outreach campaign includes the following steps:

  • Identifying audiences
    Who is your audience?
    What websites do they visit?
    What content do they engage with?
  • Identifying purpose of promotion
    By identifying the purpose of all types of promotion, I can ensure that all promotional work links directly back to your business goals.
  • Mapping interests
    By mapping the interests of your audience that meets the purpose of your promotional activity, we can get a strong understanding of how to make your promotional activity stick.
  • Finding websites opportunities
    We will use all the preliminary work we have undertaken to single out the websites that offer you the best opportunities for reaching your audiences at the right stage.

We will use specialist analysis tools and research to underpin all of these decisions and recommendations.



We follow best practice to reach out to the right people. We work with publishers and know how to make their lives easier and help them with their tasks. By building great relationships, we can help learn more about your audience so we can go on to advise on the best content to create and methods of promotion.


Tailored to you

Every business is different. All companies face different challenges so I will always work closely with you to identify your needs and tailor your plan to your needs.

Let’s talk about your Digital PR campaigns. Get in touch today.

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SEO Services

A successful SEO strategy consists of a multi-discipline approach. We offer a wide range of services, including:

"Abra is one of the most intelligent digital marketers I have ever worked with."
"She is a fabulous content marketer, her technical knowledge is incredible and what she does not know about digital marketing and SEO is not worth knowing. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I have never recommended anyone more highly."

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