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Did you know that charities and non-profits are eligible for a free $10,000 a month in-kind advertising grant from Google?

It sounds too good to be true. But luckily for charities across the UK, many are already using it as a great way to increase the exposure of their charity.


Application process

I can handle the application process for you.

I will let you know the information I need from you and manage the whole process for you. It couldn’t be simpler.

I will work with you to:

  • Confirm your charity information
  • Discuss your eligibility
  • Find which level you fall into. There are two AdGrant levels – $10,000 a month and $40,000 a month


Securing the grant

Once the application has been made, I will take care of any extra work that might be needed between application and the securing of the grant.

Once the grant has been secured, I will notify you.

There are some basic tasks that need to be completed periodically for Google to continue to award you the Ad Grant. I will provide you with all of this information in an easy to understand format.


Setting up a basic account

If you want help setting up a basic account, I can work with you to design the beginnings of your account and then hand over to you to continue to manage it.

The account is yours. You will have the master key to the account at all times. I will never have full control of your account.


Ad Grant account management

If you would like help maintaining and improving your account, then please see AdGrant Account Management.

Start your application Google AdGrant. Get in touch today.

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