AdWords Review

Whether you have a Google Ad Grant or a traditional AdWords account, I can help you focus your efforts more effectively with this AdWords review.

Make sure you aren’t wasting money on clicks that will never convert.


Practical guidance

Your review will include simple and clear recommendations for practical steps you can take to improve your account and ROI, so you can be sure that your next actions will be right for your business.

What’s in an AdWords Review?

Your AdWords review is tailored to your business. No two AdWords accounts are the same. A standard review would usually include exploration and evaluation into the following areas:

  • Quality score
    Your quality score has a huge effect on your ROI. A high quality score will make your ads more visible and your clicks cheaper. We will evaluate your current quality scores and give practice tips on how you can improve them including tips to improve your landing pages.
  • Ad text
    We will work through your current ads and give practical tips on how you could optimise them more effectively to attract more clicks and achieve your business aims.
  • Search phrases and negative keywords
    We’ll explore the phrases that have been searched by someone who clicked on your ads. We will identify any areas where you are wasting money on searchers with unrelated searches. We will also evaluate your use of negative keywords and recommend additions.
  • Competition
    Who are your competitors? Are you losing out to them more often than not? We will identify your main competitors and show you how you can keep up.
  • Account structure
    A poor account structure can negatively affect all of your AdWords efforts. By working with you to understand your business and your aims, we will offer advice and guidance on how your account could be more effectively structured.
  • Landing pages
    Are your landing pages letting you down? Your landing pages affect both your conversion rates and your quality score, so getting them right is essential.

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