Email Marketing

Are you looking for help with your email marketing efforts? I can help you evaluate your current email marketing campaigns and give practical advice to improve them.


Email list building and cleaning

I can help you build an engaged and effective email marketing list according to best practice guidance. If you worry that your email list might not be full of engaged individuals, then I can help you identify the best individuals on the list and clean out those that aren’t offering you any return.


Email campaigns

Are you looking to run an email marketing campaign? I can help offer advice on designing an email campaign to run alongside a marketing campaign.

I will work with you to understand your business goals and objectives, finally working to map out the email marketing journey for the best chance of converting your customers to your end goal.


Email content

Writing email content is a specialist skill. I can help you write engaging, convincing copy perfect for a range of email campaigns.

I will work with you to identify how your emails are most likely to be read and will draft content suitable across devices. I will also help you write subject lines to increase your open rates and email content to improve click rates.

I also offer training for digital copywriting which includes email copywriting. If you are interested in receiving training for email copywriting then please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.


Email best practice

I can provide you with expert consultancy full of best practice guidance and practical advice to help you send better emails.


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