Website Audit & Review

A website audit and review is a thorough exploration into your website, how it is working and what needs to improve. The purpose? To evaluate your current situation and provide practical guidance on what you need to do next.

A website audit is perfect for a new website or one that you suspect might not be working as well as it could be.


Website Audit & Review contents

The website audit and review will consist of a comprehensive review of your website focusing on the following areas:

  • SEO
    • Basic optimisation and page structure
    • Authority and popularity
  • Content
    • Is your content suitable for your customers?
    • Is your content engaging?
  • Mobile
    • Is your website responsive?
    • Are you meeting the needs of your mobile visitors?
  • Social Media
    • Are you using social media effectively across your website?
  • Accessibility and usability
    • Does your website meet basic accessibility guidance?
  • Legal website requirements
    • Does your website include the necessary business information?
  • Recommendations
    • What are the priorities to improve your website?

Your website audit and review is the first step in identifying your weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.


Looking for something more in-depth?

If you’re looking for something more specific, or are interested in your website’s performance in a certain area then my other reviews might be for you.

I offer a range of reviews including SEO, Content, Social Media, AdWords.

For more information about the reviews available see In-Depth Reviews.

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I offer a range of audits and reviews to help you get the most out of your digital marketing activities:

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