Competitor Analysis

Are your competitors keeping you up at night? With a competitor review, I will look at your closest competitors and give you the insight you want to see where you stand.

A competitor review is ideal at any time. It is especially useful if you are thinking of updating your current website but don’t really know where to start.


Competitor Review Contents

Your competitor review will compare your website with at least two of your competitors in the following areas:

  • SEO
    • Is their website optimised?
    • Where do you sit in terms of SEO performance?
  • Content
    • Are they providing information you don’t?
    • What types of content are they producing?
  • Popularity and authority
    • What is their most popular content?
    • How authoritative are you in comparison with your competitors?
  • Social Media
    • How do you compare for reach and engagement?
  • Mobile
    • Do you match up with your competitors when it comes to mobile devices?
  • Accessibility and usability
    • Which website is easiest to use and why?
    • Who is doing the best job of accessibility?
  • Recommendations
    • What you can do to keep up

All elements of the competitor report above can be discussed or edited to include what you are most interested in.

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