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E-commerce websites commonly have hundreds if not thousands of product descriptions.

When reading your product description your customer is close to purchase, looking at your product or service and deciding whether it is for them. Do not miss the opportunity to give them the information they want. If you don’t, someone else will.


Avoid duplication

We know by now that many e-commerce websites copy their product descriptions from the manufacturer or supplier and that this can have a detrimental impact on your ability to be found through search engines.

However, duplicate content is not only a problem for search engines. The descriptions your manufacturer or supplier gives are more like to be geared towards you rather than you customers.

Customers require a different level of information beyond bare specifications. With bespoke descriptions for every product you have the ability to:


  • Answer your customers’ questions
    If your customer has a question and the answer isn’t provided near the product, they are likely to go searching for it somewhere else where they might also be able to purchase the same or a similar product. Don’t let your customers slip away.
  • Optimise your pages effectively
    Search engines will not give you any credit for content they know you have taken from elsewhere. Use your own descriptions to target the phrases you know your customers are searching for.
  • Provide a service
    Additional information tailored to your customer is an extra service that makes them feel like you care about your customers and the products you sell.


Increase conversion

By writing a convincing and informative description for each of your products, you can increase the likelihood of your customer buying your product or service.

A clear, concise and informed description might include:

  • Technical information
    Some customers will want to know the specifications of your product
  • Examples of ways you can use the product
    This can help confirm to the customer that this is the product they need and that it will work for them
  • Answer common questions
    Do you always get the same questions about this product? Or maybe you have an idea of a common misconception. Questions like this are barriers that stop people from converting. Use this space to reassure your customer and make them confident in their selection.
  • Testimonials
    If you have any short testimonials or quotes from current customers, you could include them here.
  • Reviews
    Honest and truthful reviews are the perfect way for a prospective customer to make a confident decision.


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