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A company or business blog is the perfect opportunity for you to write engaging and interesting content to bring customers to your website.

To have a blog that works for you, every blog needs to have a clear purpose. Your business has goals and objectives. Your company blog must contribute to meeting these.


Take your customers on a journey

A blog is often the first step a new customer or client will take. Once you’ve got them to your website it is your job to take them on a journey. This journey should ultimately lead towards your business goals.

The best blogs are planned for optimum timing and will follow your content (and SEO) strategy. Your blogs must have a purpose. I can help you define this purpose and will write the content to achieve it.


Speak to your customers

Your blogs should still sound like you. However, it can be an opportunity to speak one-to-one to your customers. This is likely to change your tone slightly but it should still be recognisable and lead easily through to your main website content.

A blog will usually be more personal. The skill is to match this with your main website content so there are no jarring steps when moving from one to the other.

I will work with you to achieve this balance while writing informative, accurate and well-targeted content for your customers.


Engaging and compelling content

With a background as a content editor, I can research and identify the topics your customers will be interested in and understand what it is they want to see when they get there. Making sure you tackle the right topics is one thing but you have to cover the right questions too.

By researching and understanding user behaviour and intent, I am able to understand what information is most important to your audience and make sure we provide it to them.


Content research and planning

The most effective company blogs follow their SEO and content strategy. For more about how you can make sure your blog is an effective step in your sales funnel, see how I can help with content research and planning.


Start writing informed, high quality blogs for your customers. Get in touch today.

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