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Get help finding out what questions your customers are asking and what content they’re looking for.


Why do I need a content plan?

Content research and planning is the perfect service if you have a company blog, produce resources or want to create engaging content for your prospective and current customers.

By analysing popular and effective content from across the web, I can help identify the key trends, topics and themes you should be covering to grow your audience and reach new markets. Using key trends and seasonality, I can help you to plan your content delivery to maximise its impact.

Base the content you create on evidence not gut-feeling.


Research-based content

By analysing the following, I can offer you the insight you need to make informed decisions about your content efforts:

  • The performance of your past and current content
  • The performance of your competitors’ past and current content
  • The most popular content in your industry right now
  • Content trends, themes and seasonal fluctuation
  • The phrases related to your services that are searched in search engines
  • Content that has performed well across social media channels

With insight like this, I can advise you on the best content to make and the best times to promote it. This will form the basis of your research-based content plan.

Make informed decisions about the content you create. Call or message me today.

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Great content takes research, planning and strategy. See how I can help you:

"Abra is one of the most intelligent digital marketers I have ever worked with."
"She is a fabulous content marketer, her technical knowledge is incredible and what she does not know about digital marketing and SEO is not worth knowing. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I have never recommended anyone more highly."

Carrie Hobart Lead Content Manager 

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