Content Audit

Is your website unwieldy or getting out of control? A content audit will take stock of what you have, what’s working and what’s not.

Be Sure That Your Efforts Are Worth It

It’s easy to invest time and effort into creating content without setting aside the time to measure and evaluate how effective it has been. Creating valuable, high quality content takes time. You want to be sure that your time is worth it.

Continuing to create content without learning from what’s come before causes inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

I want to help you maximise the impact of your content and avoid wasted effort.

What Will a Content Audit Include?

A content audit will identify the key themes of content on your website, analyise your audiences and identify new opportunities. Once the research phase is complete, you will be provided with a content audit report and additional documents providing an analysis of the content on your website.

Your content audit will:

  • Define your current audience demographics
  • Identify key channels and how people are finding your content
  • Find the most common journeys on your website
  • Understand which content is contributing most to your goals and conversions
  • Identify low performing areas of your website
  • Find high performing areas of your website
  • Identify content gaps and opportunities

With an insight into how your website is currently working, we can look forward to your future content efforts.

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