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A content strategy guides the future direction of the creation and development of your content in accordance with your audience wants, needs and your own business objectives.

In order to set a well-informed strategy, you will want to draw on a number of sources for your information. With a content audit as a starting point, you can get a real feel for your customers. Find out who they are, how they find you and the journeys they take. Use this information to identify what is working and to uncover opportunities.

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With an understanding of your audience, the development of a content strategy will reflect both your customers wants as well as your own business objectives. This will underpin the development of your future content, ensuring there is always a focus on your business objectives in every peice of content you make. Content should always have a purpose and should be a step in the path towards your business goals.

Content research and planning is the in-depth look at the content you want to be creating. The content strategy will provide the direction of this content, but the research will determine the specific topics. Aligning these topics with your audience’s interests, trends and your business activities allows you to plan your content effectively for maximum impact.

For a detailed description of the content strategy services available, please see the specialist services below.

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