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Digital Marketing Consultant

As a freelance digital marketing consultant with over 7 years’ experience working across multiple digital marketing disciplines, I currently specialise in SEO and content marketing. I have worked with global corporate clients, national charities and non-governmental organisations.

With both agency and client-side experience working on complex marketing campaigns from conception through to delivery and analysis, I am can help clients every step of the way.

I want to work with you, understand your business and  help you meet your aims and objectives.

Let’s talk about how I can help.


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Awards & Qualifications

Since being named a Rising Star by B2B Marketing, I have continued to gain more qualifications and certifications in digital marketing.

Throughout my career, I have achieved some of the following:


Rising Star - B2B Marketing


Google Analytics Qualified

Google AdWords Qualified

SEO Consultancy

Find out how to improve your search engine visability
SEO Services

Content Strategy

Get research-driven content strategy and planning
Content Services

Website Copywriting

Get help writing optimised copy for your website
Copywriting Services

Top Internal Search Best Practice Tips

The option to search your website is a great way to help users who know what they’re looking for get to it quickly.

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Redirect Chains: What Are They and Are They a Problem?

If you delete a page or update and edit a page of your website in a way that alters the URL of the page then you must consider whether redirects will be necessary.

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Man typing URL in phone and laptop

Do URLs Have a Maximum Length? And How Long is Best?

Most popular CMSs allow you to edit the URL of your page. They'll also automatically generate one for you too - but these tend to be a bit long.

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Man viewing website footer on a tablet

What To Include in a Website Footer

The footer is a key navigational tool. Ignore it at your peril (or your visitors’ peril). It appears on every page on your website and has become a common place for useful information.

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Writing URLs on laptop

Valid URL Characters: Safe & Unsafe Character List

You will have noticed that some special characters seem to be able to slip into a URL (commas are often the culprit) while others don’t.

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Identical birds

Should H1 and Title Tags be the Same?

The H1 and title tag of a page is a major indication to users and search engines of what a page is about. Find out how similar they should be and which differences are OK.

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