9 Blog Ideas For Photographers

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Many businesses out there are all too aware that an active blog on their website is likely to improve traffic to their website. When it comes to blogging, however, many of these business owners aren’t quite sure where to start.

Do not fear. Here at 9 blog ideas for photographers to get you on your way to starting a blog that will bring your website traffic from the right people (because that bit is even more important)!

1: Questions, questions, questions

What questions are you asked by your clients? Before, during and after your shoots are the best time for jotting these down. In all likelihood, they are not the only ones thinking it and it’s even more likely that the others that are thinking it, have Googled it!

So next time someone asks, “How can I make sure I look good in my wedding photos” or “What should I do before I turn up for my photoshoot?”, jot it down! They might make for your next best blog post!

2: Behind the scenes

Show some behind the scenes shots from your recent shoots. Your clients will be interested in seeing how you work, it will reassure them and help them trust you.

3: Your favourite photos this month/year

Why not try a summary of your favourite photos from the last month (or year) depending on how many you have and how often you blog. It’ll show prospective clients your style and some of your best work in a more informal way.

4: Your favourite photos this month/year by other photographers

Here, you can go a little more out of the box! What photographs do you really love? They don’t have to be in your niche, or your style, but it’ll show a bit of your personality. It can also get you noticed by these photographers too – if they share your blog, then you’re reaching new audiences too.

5: Ideas for uses of photography

Have your clients done something innovative with your photographs or have you seen some other great creative uses of photography? Write about them, show pictures of them and share your own ideas if you have them!

6: Interview a client (or clients)

Try a relaxed interview with a client. What are the photographs for? Why do they want them? What are they hoping for? Are they happy with the result? Did anything surprise them about the photoshoot? What have they got planned for their pictures now?

This will help your prospective clients see themselves as a client of yours. It could even help ease any nerves they have. Try this with a range of different clients – a wedding couple, family, business man or woman.

7: Your own favourite family photos

It might have been taken by your uncle on a dodgy disposable camera in 1998 or an old picture of your grandparents when they had just met. But what is it about these photographs that really gets you? It’s probably not the technical ability of the photographer, but the emotion, story or element of surprise.

This will help your potential clients warm to you, get to know you a little more and be more willing to share themselves or their special day with you.

8: How did you get where you are now?

It doesn’t have to be a drawn out autobiography, but a little background about you is a great place to start. Have you always wanted to be a photographer, or did you try out a few different things before you realised what you wanted to do?

9: Common mistakes people make

What mistakes do your clients often make? Do they avoid water the night before a photoshoot? Do they decide what photos they want before they’ve explored the venue properly? Try some lists of mistakes make by all different types of clients (but make sure it’s not personal!).

Still stuck? There are plenty more ideas out there for you, these are just to get you started!

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9 Blog Ideas For Photographers

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